OHAYOO Yoshi's BROG Pass word 2121

Studying English conversation

Have you ever eaten a durian?
It has been called the king of fruits.
Durian have a strong tightly smell.
Do not to bring into a car.
Do not to bring it into a room of the hotel.
I went to Malaysia two weeks ago.
I ate a lot of durians.
It smell is very hard.
But Their taste is a creamy and delicious.
They are my favorite fruit.
I am recommended it。

Boeing Mens
Test Director & Grand op's


I had went to the airport almost every day last week. " It was to see a new B787 airplane. Wings and fuselage of this airplane has been made in Japan. The plane was touchi and go flying for testing and training. I took photos. I talked to two men there. They were a Test Director and a Ground op's. Was a very nice men. Have a good day was spend.

Happy New Year
Dream Lifter
Dream Liner
Dreams come true

Ximena Birthday party
Oct 12th
Ximena Birthday party
Oct 12th

I've returned from Hawaii last week.
It was a short but a satisfactory trip.
I had many sports.
It was a horseback riding,a buggy driving,a gun shooting and a volcano hiking in Hawaii island.
Have you been to Hawaii island?
My wife did the hula on hula festival stage.
It was a good summer holiday.
Please show the Movies. uproad to You tube
10まつりin Hawaii 2011 A'nuenue 1
11まつりin Hawaii 2011 A'nuenue 2
12まつりin Hawaii 2011 A'nuenue Honolulu Moon
13まつりin Hawaii 2011 A'nuenue 4

Your communication skills are quite good.
You need a little work on grammar.
Also don't be afraid to speak out or ask question during class.
"Study Point"
Use the internet to search for interesting news or site in english.
Then you should write a little bit about the topic and show it to me to check.
Jason Ford 6/25/2011
H.E.ART English School

OHAYOO Yoshi's BROG Pass word 2121

Studying English conversation

  • New Year 2010 The New Year was very cold. Then, I was in my house. I greeted a lot of old friends through SKYPE. All over the world seems to be cold in this winter. The friend in Norway said. Today’s temperature is -17.5 degrees. However. He has the vacation of winter at the Canary Islands of Spain every year. I heard it. How long does it have the vacation? He said. It is 11 weeks. It envies it. Now just he is in Canary Islands. I want such the holyday also.
  • Dream Lifter The weather is bad today. Let's go brightly and happily. Do you remember my presentation last time? It was a story of my grandchildren. Today is a “Dream Lifter”. What is a Dream Lifter? Do you know a Dream Lifter? Do you have the interest about the airplane? This is an airplane of big and long large cargo freighter. Boeing Company began to make the new B787 airplanes. This is called a dream liner airplane. A lot of parts are made in Japan. The big wing and the big body are carried to the Boeing Company of the United States. A big airplane is necessary for that. These are photographs of the dream lifter. The body bends as shown in this photograph. And, big parts are put in from hear. This airplane flies to the Boeing Company in Everett WA of the west cost and in Charleston South Carolina of the east cost USA. It is an airplane that really carries dreams and dream lifter. This airplane will fly to Centair at 11:30 tomorrow morning. And, it is scheduled to take off at 7 PM in the next day. The latest schedule of this airplane can be seen on my homepage. Would you please do an internet search OHAYOO. I want to become a person who creates the dream and a dream maker. I like seeing some airplanes and taking trips by airplanes. I go to Centair airport twice a week for my job as a volunteer guide staff. I want to purvey dreams to the guest who comes to Centair airport. Did you understand this story? How was my speech?
  • Grandchildren My Presentation is a story of my grandchildren. Jason sometimes happily speaks about his son Keita and his daughter SAYA. I imagine that his home is happy. Well. Do you have some Grandchildren? It is said that Grandchildren are much lovelier than sons or daughters for people. I have one son and two daughters. All my sons and daughters have some children. So I have six grandchildren now. All members gathered at this New Year party. It was a very lively and happy day. (However, a lot of new year's presents were necessary. Hi) The first grandchild is a boy. His name is YUUKI And he is first grader in junior high school. His character is a straight and strong boy. The 2nd grandchild is a boy too. His name is KOKI And he is a 5th grader in elementary school. His character is a cheerful and interesting boy. Well. Do you think? Which the 3rd grandchild is a boy or girl? The 3rd grandchild is a boy too. His name is JUN. He is a 3rd grader in elementary school. He likes baseball and soccer. Well Do you think? Which the 4th grandchild is a boy or girl? The 4th grandchild is grandson too. His name is KOUKI. He is a 2nd grader in elementary school. He like’s some computer game. Well. Well. Do you think? Which the 5th grandchild is a boy or girl? YES! YES! The 5th grandchild is girl. She’s my 1st granddaughter. Her name is SAYA. It is the same name as the daughter of JASON. She will go to elementary school this spring. She is very lovely She is taking dancing lessons. Well Do you think? Which the 6th grandchild is a boy or girl? Yes! The 6th grandchild is a girl too. Her name is SERI and She is two years old. She is very lovely too. I have a lot of family members and I have a lot of happiness now. Therefore, I should spend it healthily. I want to live long more. Hi How was this my speech? THANK YOU.

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  • 2007/10/18
      How are you? My physical condition is good this morning. I think so a week go past early. I back the top floor of hospital from yesterday. I've some nice view again. I'll take the operation on tomorrow. I heard that Maybe operation is easy. I'll make it throug a no trouble. So I'll back home at next week. See you again. YOSHI

  • Yoshi<10/4>
  • Miyuki
      Today's teacher was Steven. Everyone were surprised. Because Ximena teacher went to elementary school. So, I heard that 良さんはとても元気でしたよ?from Steven.I hope You will go back to the our hometown.

  • Maki
      I'm glad I heard you're fine and go back to your home next week!! Recently I'm tired because I work. (You know my home is an electric construction store) I will work on Friday and Saturday in this week. I'll do my best! So you're relax in the hospital!!

  • Yoshi Hi How R U?
      I say "Thank you very much".I had visit of Ximena & Steven to this hospital and I had lot of mails from members.I was Happy. I've heard that from a docter.The inspections result's NO Cancer.It's very lucky. Be expect I'll go back to the my home at next week. I give some stress for long long long hollidays.Hi Hi "I was stressed out."

  • Hello. I'm Yoshi
      How are U? I are staying in the hospital of the UnV.Nagoya this week yet. So.I can't go to the Ximena-school today. Coud U teach to me your news and others member's news. There are hot and muggy days yet. Take care. C U again soon. DE Yoshi

  • from Sato
  • OHAYOO Hi. How R U?
      I'm staying in the hospital for inspections this week too. My sick's an anemia and bleeding. But we could'nt look for it's place in the Handa's hospital. It's not the stomac and the large intestines.So I did changed to the major's unv.Nagoya-Hospital of a small intestines. I did took a newest capsule that It've a camera.A cauce's the small intestines at last. I feel so-so. Could you send to me your mails. C U again soon. DE Yoshi PS There are a my room in hospital at 11th floor.I've the nice view.I can see a Turumai-Park and TORITON-Bridges. As if I do enjoy summering vacation.

  • From Kae
  • From Yuko
  • From Yuko

  • Studying English conversation
    Studying English conversation
    Studying English conversation


    We went to Guam by studying English conversation at 27 Feb 2007

    Happy memories are full.
    What do you recall?

    We went to the picnic by the companion of English conversation

    Ceramic Artist
    Ximena Elqueda

    Like two rivers converging to from a great current.......
    so have we over the years founnd that working and sharing life andclay has become one. Spiced by our different life experiences, we are obsessed by the potential of clay through fire to become stone. Born in Santiago,Chile in 1964, I, Ximena Elugueda, grew up in Venezeurea and came to Japan in 1994 with a scholarship to do my M.F.A at The Nagoya University of Art and Desing. For me, the unvercity was a time of creative exploration, developing mural projects, and large scale ceramics that soon outgrew the school`s fring capacity. Due to a public comission, I relocated my studio to Tokoname where large kilns were stil being friend. Here I continue to work and live with my husband and family.

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